Thursday, November 5, 2009

The New York Frigging Yankees Win the Series

I was really getting into baseball as the season was winding down.  The Atlanta Braves remarkable run that fell just a few wins short, the last couple of races that kept tightening up, the final race that went to an extra game that went into extra innings -- these were happier times.

As the Division Series gave way to the League Championship Series, my mood worsened.  I was hoping for one (or both) of the Los Angeles teams to advance to the World Series so that I might actually care who won.  A Yankees-Phillies Series was the last thing I wanted to see.  Wasn't there some way that they both could lose?  I was still watching, but I had to root for the Phillies.  I wouldn't (couldn't) root for the Yankees if they were playing the al-Qaeda All-Stars.

A clash of the cretins indeed...

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Keith Olbermann had a segment on his Countdown show the other night -- "The Nine Smartest Plays in World Series History."  (I can't find the video on his show's page; the link goes to Olbermann's baseball blog.)  These are the smart, heads-up, small ball plays that are often overshadowed by the big home runs (although one of the plays is a home run -- on the list because of the scouting report that the player, Kirk Gibson, remembered).  Although my Braves got burned by one of the plays and the top play was made by a Yankee this past Sunday, it's a good list.

So now, in a postseason that has habitually failed to go the way I would have liked, the Yankees have won it all.  Hideki Matsui was named the Series MVP after knocking in six runs in the 7-3 clinching win.  I guess I should have used a live chicken.

What a revolting development -- the Yankees have won and another baseball season has come and gone.  There's a chill in the air and winter will be here before you know it.
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Lisa :-] said...

Yes, we all hate the Yankees.

And I, who used to be a baseball fan, hate baseball. And all pro sports. Just a bunch of spoiled, egomaniac drug addicts getting paid more money than God to play kid's games. Ridiculous.

And now, the owners' greed has gotten so out of hand, they are playing the World Series in November. NOVEMBER! What is up with that? I thought it was supposed to be "the boys of summer!

fdtate said...

I used to be a much bigger sports fan than I am now. I used to watch anything and everything almost indiscriminately. I'm a little more selective now.

Pro sports salaries? I guess I'd argue that it's no more obscene than paying a movie star the equivalent of the GNP of a small country to be in a movie.

And yeah, crowning a baseball champion in November is pretty ridiculous.