Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Local Must See Video

I saw this on the local news last week, and meant to try to find it online so that I could share it with you, but I forgot.  Then I saw it a couple of days later on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.  He had it on his Oddball segment.  I forgot again.  Finally remembered.

Here's the scene:  There was a rock slide on U.S. 64  -- I'm guessing maybe 30 miles northeast of Chattanooga.  They sent a crew out to clear the road.  The crew almost had the road cleared.  There was just one good-sized boulder left in the middle of the road, and they went to work to break it up so they could move it.  Click here to see what happened next.

Update:  A local TV station has a report and some aerial photos...and even more aerial photos.

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Carly said...


I thought about you when I saw this on Keith Olbermann. Awesome slide!