Monday, November 12, 2007

This Week's Music Quiz

I like to do this on the weekends, but since I'm just getting back online after a fortnight's hiatus (long story), I'll do it now...

The Rules: This is a random-10 from my music player. Instead of just listing the songs, I've listed the lyrics instead. See if you can name the song and/or artist.

1. 1980 - Fairly well-known artist, album track. Most of the middle of the song...
I've been waiting for this
I have been waiting for this
All you people in TV land
I will wake up your empty shells
Peak-time viewing blown in a flash
As I burn into your memory cells
Cause I'm alive

They're coming 'round the corner with the bikers at the front
I'm wiping the sweat from my eyes
It's a matter of time
A matter of will
And the governor's car is not far behind
He's not the one I've got in mind
Cause there he is-the man of the hour, standing in the limousine
I don't really hate you
I don't care what you do
We were made for each other
-Me and you
I want to be somebody
-You were like that too
If you don't get given you learn to take
And I will take you.

Holding my breath
Release the catch
And I let the bullet fly
2. 2005 - A new band. The first song on the CD. First and second verses minus chorus...
What's the worst that could happen to me?
They could say that it's all in my head
Well how 'bout the truth instead of all of these lies?
Don't try to make me stay
You think you got a foot in the door but
You got a foot in the grave

Let's say we're better off, leave it alone
Cause when all is said and done who would consider this home?
Too bad I won't lose this chance to be ready to go
Don't try to make me stay
You think you got a foot in the door but
You got a foot in the grave
3. 2003 - More new stuff. First verse...
At night I hear it creeping
At night I feel it move
I’ll never sleep here anymore
I wish you never told me
I wish I never knew
I wake up screaming
It’s all because of you

So real these voices in my head
4. 2004 - Yet another new band. Again, first and second verses minus the chorus...
And love's light blue
Led me to you
Through the emptiness that had become my home
Love's lies cruel
Introduced me to you
And that moment I knew I was out of hope

Love's icy tomb
Dug open for you
Lies in a cemetery that bears my name
Love's violent tune
From me to you
Rips your heart out and leaves you
bleeding with a smile on your face
5. 1971/1973 - A big hit for this dude. First performed on "The Concert for Bangladesh." The studio version appeared two years later. The title is mentioned all throughout the song, so let's just do the first verse...
Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues,
And you know it don't come easy.
You don't have to shout or leap about,
You can even play them easy.

Forget about the past and all your sorrows,
The future won't last,
It will soon be your tomorrow.
6. 1993 - This band had a fairly big hit on this album. This particular song got a little bit of rock radio airplay, but the band is still pretty obscure. First verse (only verse really)...
You never think to occupy my time,
And you never require.
And you never lean too much.
And it's always been this way.

It's wearing thin,
Your words come crowdin' in,
And I want you to know
It's the stuff that stirs me up and follows me away.
7. 1973 - One of the biggest selling artists of all time. One of his biggest songs off one of his biggest albums. First verse...
When are you gonna come down
When are you going to land
I should have stayed on the farm
I should have listened to my old man

You know you can't hold me forever
I didn't sign up with you
I'm not a present for your friends to open
This boy's too young to be singing the blues
8. 1989 - This Ohio band recorded their first album in 1975, and have been through various lineups and labels since, but are still recording today. And NO ONE has ever heard of them. About an eleven on the obscurity meter. If you get this, you're good. First verse...
Standing room only at L.A.X.
I trade my ticket for some cigarettes
I won't believe it till they disappear

The president's hiding on a submarine
See how he runs away from history
I won't believe it till they disappear
I won't believe it till I disappear
9. 1971 - It's hard to believe how good this guy used to be. The more albums and singles he sold, the more he sold out. This is vintage stuff from the early days. From the end of the song...
I moved right out east, yeah!
Listen - On the Peking ferry I was feeling merry
sailing on my way back here
I fell in love with a slit-eyed lady
by the light of an eastern moon
Shanghai Lil never used the pill
She claimed that it just ain't natural
She took me up on deck and bit my neck
Oh people, I was glad I found her
Oh yeah, I was glad I found her

I firmly believe that I didn't need anyone but me
I sincerely thought I was so complete
Look how wrong you can be

The women I've known I wouldn't let tie my shoe
They wouldn't give you the time of day
But the slit-eyed lady knocked me off my feet
God, I was so glad I found her
And if they had the words I could tell to you
to help you on the way down the road
I couldn't quote you no Dickens, Shelley or Keats
Cause it's all been said before
10. 1995 - A fairly obscure band. An album track. First verse and chorus...
Don't try to reach me -- I'm already dead
The pain when it grips me for things that I've done
Well, I try to make you proud,
But for crying out loud
Just give me a chance to hide away
Exhaustion takes over
Will this someday be over?

Fearful tears are running down
The pain you've laid don't speak a sound
Don't take my heart away from me
And they think I fell down...again
Some hard ones here, but #5 and #7 are gimmes. #9 is pretty easy too.

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