Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oops, My Bad

A long time ago, in the early '90s, I went to computer school and earned an associate degree in computer programming. This was way back before most people had any idea there would ever be an Internet. This was such a long time ago that we didn't use Windows. We learned how to do everything we needed to do using DOS. Does anyone remember DOS?

Between what I've learned at school and what I've picked up on my own, I know quite a bit about computers. The problem is that I don't know enough. I'm also completely impatient when it comes to computers and their assorted irritants. That's a deadly combination. I've often joked that I know just enough about computers to make a minor problem a lot more serious. It's no joke. That's exactly what happened.

Many days ago, I was online, surfing around the Net, when my computer connection stopped connecting. I now know that it was Comcast doing one of their periodic updates to the system. But, not know this at the time, I started tinkering and playing around with settings and stuff and really screwed the pooch. If I had just left it alone, I probably would have been back online in a couple of hours or the next day at the latest. Oops.

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