Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Commercial Music

Twitter has a very active thread (or topic) called MusicMonday. The idea is to mention what you're listening to and maybe even link to it. I linked to a YouTube video -- "1901" by Phoenix. Even if you're not familiar with the song, you've heard parts of it. Part of the intro and part of the chorus is featured in a Cadillac commercial that seems to play fairly constantly on TV.

Anyway, I linked to the video and it played fine for about a day, then suddenly started going to a page that says that the video is not available in my country. I'm fairly used to YouTube making videos unavailable, though usually for copyright violations. I don't understand it, but I'm used to it. If I link to a video of a song and someone happens by and plays it and likes it, what's the downside for the record company? That they might accidentally sell an album or a single that they wouldn't otherwise?

Until they make this one unavailable, this is another version of the song, a live version from June when Phoenix appeared on the David Letterman show. See if you recognize the song from the commercial...

Taco Bell has been blitzing the airwaves with a new commercial, and the music was driving me nuts. It's the one with the chorus that keeps repeating "One more time" over and over. I knew the song from somewhere in the dim recesses of my youth, and narrowed it down to one of those late '70s or early '80s New Wave ditties. I just couldn't figure out who in the hell did the song. I finally had to break down and Google it. If you'd given me a thousand guesses I never would have gotten Joe Jackson...

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