Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'm a sucker for the quirky and the weird in most forms of entertainment, so I find myself mesmerized by "FlashForward."  I haven't seen much of the new network TV fall offerings, but this is my favorite show so far.  I've noticed a few plot holes (or things that haven't been adequately explained away) and I'm pretty sure I know who one of the bad guys is, but this is good stuff so far.

I think ABC is trying to market the show as the new "Lost," but it's still way too early for that -- even though "Lost" castmates Sonya Walger and Dominic Monaghan are both on "FlashForward."  Like "Lost," "FlashForward" also has an official website to allow fans to delve deeper (and plenty of unofficial sites as well).  It also has the "Lost" penchant for easter eggs, the little hidden goodies to look for along the way, like an "Oceanic Airlines" billboard in the background early during the first episode.

The show's premise was quirky and weird enough to get me to tune in for the first episode.  At exactly the same moment, everyone on the planet passes out at the same time for two minutes and seventeen seconds.  As you might guess, mayhem ensues.  But if that weren't weird enough, almost everyone's consciousness jumps forward about six months to April 29, 2010.  It's not like a dream; it's like they are actually experiencing what's happening.  From there the show mostly focuses on a team of FBI agents who begin investigating the mystery.

They need to tighten the plot up a bit and flesh the characters out some, but this looks good so far.

I haven't seen much of anything else, just a couple of episodes of "Community" (yawn) and "Modern Family" (pretty decent).  Am I missing anything worth seeing?

I am surprised at how little I watch TV anymore.  Other than live sporting events (mainly NASCAR and college football) and the occasional movie, I seem to be watching almost everything else later, on my own schedule, On Demand or on the Internet.  Since "FlashForward" comes on Thursday nights when I'm at work, I usually watch it a day or two later on Hulu.  If you've missed the first couple of episodes and want to get caught up, or if you're caught up and want to see interviews, behind-the-scenes stuff, and scenes from upcoming episodes, Hulu is where you need to go too.

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