Sunday, January 11, 2009

Obama and Spider-Man

Obama-mania (or is it Obamania?) comes to the comic book world.

While out on the campaign trail, President-elect Barack Obama mentioned Spider-Man a few times at children-oriented events and named Spidey and Batman as his favorite superheroes in an Entertainment Weekly survey, so Marvel Comics hit upon the idea of a special Inauguration Day edition of the Amazing Spider-Man...

The issue is sure to be an instant collectors' item, especially since Obama will only be on the cover for half of the run. In fact, the issue, The Amazing Spider-Man #583, is already turning up on eBay at extravagant buy-it-now prices, even though the comic won't be released until Wednesday, January 14.

The storyline involves Peter Parker covering the inauguration in his photo-journalist guise and spotting two Obamas. As Spider-Man, he uses a basketball move to reveal the real Obama, then punches out the imposter who turns out to be Chameleon. There's a good joke in sample panels at USA Today -- Spider-Man apologizes for mistaking Joe Biden for the Vulture. After all the action is over, Spidey and Obama exchange a fist bump.

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