Friday, December 19, 2008

Quotes of the Day

"I'll miss the petty name-calling. I mean I won't miss it. I - I have been disappointed at times about the politics of personal destruction. It's not the first time it's ever happened in our history. But I was dis...I came with idea of changing the tone in Washington and, frankly, didn't do a very good job of it.

"You know, war brings out a lot of heated rhetoric and a lot of emotion. I fully understand that. I know that's the case, but surely we can do a better job in Washington of treating each other with respect. I don't want to be a self-serving fellow, but I have never used my position as president to personally denigrate somebody."

-- President Bush, on his Legacy Rehabilitation Tour Thursday at the American Enterprise Institute

"I absolutely am so proud that we liberated Iraq."

-- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on CNN Thursday


Carly said...


There he goes again, such verbal diarrhea! Holy cow! I will miss him not, but where does an ego like his go when he is "forced into retirement?" Me thinks he will linger, or he will run away when Cheney is sent to the pokey for ordering torture. Fingers crosssed.


Lisa :-] said...

These people are nucking futs!

I am SOOOOO dying to have human beings in office in Washington DC. I hope Mr. Obama does not disappoint...