Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Credit Crunch Christmas"

Perhaps it's time to return to the days of public stonings and floggings. We could start with this group of bastards. From the Daily Express (London)...
The City Boyz, named as Ciarran “The Brawler”, Dave, Jeremy and Marcus, declined to reveal their employers’ names but are City bankers and stock brokers.

One claimed to work for the collapsed investment house Lehman Brothers.

City Boyz spokesman Dave said: “We were down O’Neills, p****d as usual and p****d off that we were getting the blame for the crunch all the bloody time.

“Then we all thought you know what, we don’t really give a s**t. We’ve all done OK, sod ’em. One of the guys came up with this chorus. We had the whole pub joining in so we knew were on to something!”

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