Monday, December 22, 2008


Everyone here in the Chattanooga area is freaking out over the weather. Damn it's cold!!! Well, not really. It will probably be a bit colder later this winter, but in comparison to how it has been lately, and considering that the winter has just started, yes, it is bleeping cold. For the past week or so it has been rainy, cloudy and very unseasonably warm. Temperature have been in the high sixties during the day and the high forties at night. Nice, but exceedingly wet. Then the cold front blew in. Sunday morning at midnight the temperature was close to 60°. But that was the high for the midnight when the day was just beginning. As the morning and day went by it got colder and colder and the wind kicked up quite nicely. Now, just after midnight on Monday morning it's 22° with nice wind chill that makes it feel like 9° and a low by morning of about 17°. Today will stay cold -- high around 35°, low about 25°. Tuesday will be a tad warmer, back in the 40's again...and staying around 40 for the low. Wednesday's high will be back in the 60's again.

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