Monday, June 2, 2008

A Monday Music Twofer

Usually the Monday music thingy involves what I like to call "the soundtrack of my life." If for some strange reason my life story was ever made into a movie (maybe a plotless art house film), these are songs that might be on the soundtrack -- favorite songs by favorite bands, stuff that I've been exposed to and enjoyed at different periods of my life.

This week's edition is a twofer of new songs that I like. The songs are good, but the videos were what really attracted my attention. You've probably seen them circulating around the internet lately.

First up is the Get Out Clause, an unsigned band from Manchester, England. With no money to make a video, they "performed" in front of some of the millions of closed circuit television cameras that blanket England. Then, using the English version of our Freedom of Information Act, they requested the footage and spliced it into a neat video.

More of their story can be found here.

The second video comes to us from Weezer. "Pork and Beans" has been all over the Internet lately with millions of viewings in just a few days. The video is a fun romp with a bunch of people who have achieved their fifteen minutes of fame on YouTube lately. There's Miss South Carolina, the guy wearing all the shirts, the "leave Britney alone" nut and many others, with a Diet Coke and Mentos shower thrown in for good measure...

Lyrics | Pork And Beans lyrics

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