Monday, April 7, 2008

Melodic Monday Music: "Life in a Northern Town"

I don't listen to much country music, so I was shocked to see Sugarland's latest crime against humanity. In their latest video (WARNING: occasionally playing on CMTV), Sugarland even brings out several other big name country acts to aid and abet them in their shocking crime, the brutal murder of a beautiful song by the Dream Academy, "Life in a Northern Town."

A Salvation Army band played
And the children drunk lemonade
And the morning lasted all day, all day
And through an open window came
Like Sinatra in a younger day,
Pushing the town away. Oh...

Ah hey ma ma ma
Life in a northern town.

They sat on the stoney ground
And he took a cigarette out
And everyone else came down to listen.
He said "In winter 1963
It felt like the world would freeze
With John F. Kennedy
And the Beatles." Yeah, yeah...

Ah hey ma ma ma
Life in a northern town.
Ah hey ma ma ma
All the work shut down.

The evening turned to rain
Watched the water roll down the drain,
As we followed him down to the station
And though he never would wave goodbye,
You could see it written in his eyes
As the train rolled out of sight

Ah hey ma ma ma
Life in a northern town.
Ah hey ma ma ma
Life in a northern town.


Carly said...

Hi Duane :)

Grin. I have to tell you. I am not a fan of country music either, but oddly enough, there are a couple songs that I get stuck in my brain once in a while. YIKES! I love the song you have featured here. It's haunting and relevent and a true classic. It's been a long time since I have heard the original version. Good to have it in my brain again.

Always, Carly

Side note... having nothing to do with anything but my word verification word is "MRLOG" Tee Hee. For some reason that has me laughing out loud... from the diaphram. BIG GRIN

Deb said...

aid and abet? Shocking crime? Brutal murder? Do you have ears? The harmony and use of instruments make this song nothing less than beautiful! Even country lovers should enjoy this ear candy!