Friday, April 18, 2008

Debate Postmortem

Wednesday's debate solidified an opinion I've had for a while that the so-called liberal media is going to try its damnedest to shove a McCain presidency down our throats. The "Democrats Debate" was, to paraphrase Shakespeare, a program moderated by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

"Let me turn to the economy. That is the number one issue on Americans' minds right now." That line came from George Stephanopoulus...over an hour into the debate, long after "bitter" and flag pins and Reverend Wright and Bosnia sniper fire and the Weather Underground and so many other things that don't matter a hill of beans when you consider two on-going wars, 47 million Americans without health insurance, rising food prices, rising gas prices, or the vice president and the top officials in the cabinet sitting around the White House discussing whether the president could order someone's eyes gouged out.

Barack Obama offered his own debate postmortem at a town hall meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina on Thursday.


Lisa :-] said...

In 2004, wanting to be fully informed on all the issues and able to make an intelligent choice in the voting booth, I religiously watched all the debates.

The only benefit I got from that exercise was the realization that the debates are total bullshit and not worth time, angst, and CERTAINLY not worth the money they cost to put together.

So this time around, I religiously REFUSE to dignify any of these media circuses with a millisecond of my attention. Much better for my digestion, if nothing else...

Carly said...

Hi Nice Man :)

I watched the debate, and while I didn't find it as bad as all that, I did wonder more then once if their answers we indeed their "final answers," and I sat closely and listened intently for them to answer the question, "deal or no deal?" Of course we are now down to asking about the trivial. After 15 months and 21 debates it is a trivial pursuit. It's all been said. We all pretty much know how we feel. I don't think the "so-called liberal media" is trying to force John McCain on us, I can't think that cynically just yet, if I do then Bush wins.LOL.

But lets face it, we know the answers to the tough questions, so lets see who can handle the trivial. After all, we got quite an object lesson in Bush's inability to handle it, and doesn't that just speak volumns? Just a thought.

Have a good week ahead

Always, Carly

fdtate said...

I think my biggest nitpick with this sorry debate was the rehashing of several trivial issues that had already been addressed and put to bed.