Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Headlines

"Critics are poring over Osama bin Laden’s latest audio tape. Simon called it pretentious. Paula said it was not his best work. And Randy said, 'Dawg, it’s just not working for me.' In this latest audiotape, Osama bin Laden blasts the cartoon showing the prophet Mohammad in a turban. See, this is why President Bush and Osama bin Laden are such enemies. Bush loves cartoons." -- Jay Leno


Bush Says War's Outcome 'Will Merit the Sacrifice' -- WaPo
Richard Cohen: The Ultimate Casualty -- WaPo

Bush Given Iraq War Plan with a Steady Troop Level -- NY Times
The War Endures, but Where's the Media -- NY Times
13 Iraqis Killed by Shells Fired at the Green Zone -- NY Times


McCain Says US Succeeding in Iraq -- AP
McCain Is Now Officially a Campaign Finance Criminal -- AlterNet
2 McCain Moments, Rarely Mentioned -- NY Times


Huge Antarctic Ice Chunk Collapses -- CNN
China Reproaches Foreign Media Over Tibet Coverage -- IHT
Peacekeeping in Darfur Hits More Obstacles -- NY Times
JPMorgan in Negotiations to Raise Bear Sterns Bid -- NY Times
Detroit Mayor Faces Felony Charges -- CNN
Court Overturns Air Passenger Rights Law -- AP
Justices to Weigh Search and Consent -- NY Times

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