Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random Headlines

"But President Bush is concerned about the economy. He admitted today that the economy is a little sluggish, a little sluggish right now. Yeah, the same way Elvis is a little sluggish right now, too." -- David Letterman


Aftershocks of a Collapse, With a Bank at the Epicenter -- NY Times
Rescue Tests the Fed's Credibility -- NY Times
Bush Backs Fed's Actions, but Critics Quickly Find Fault -- NY Times
Wall Street Crisis Forces Candidates to Shift Their Focus -- WaPo
***E. J. Dionne Jr.: The Street on Welfare*** -- WaPo


Cheney in Baghdad Claims Iraq Security Is "Phenomenal" as Bombing Kills 52 -- AlterNet
Conyers: "If Bush Goes to Iran, He Should Be Impeached" -- AlterNet
Female Suicide Bomber Kills 43 in Iraq -- AP
Cheney Promotes New US-Iraq Agreement -- AP
Campaign Denies McCain's Iran/al Qaeda Gaffe -- Think Progress

Atlanta Tornado News

Red Cross Shelters 70 Left Homeless by Tornado -- AJC
One of Atlanta's Cultural Gems Hit Hard by Tornado -- AJC


Arthur C. Clarke, 90; Scientific Visionary, Acclaimed Writer Dies -- LA Times
Supreme Court to Review FCC Ban on Profanity -- WaPo
Olympic Officials Want to Clear the Air -- WaPo
Queenfish: A Cold War Tale -- NY Times
Ga. State Rep Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering -- AJC
The Daily Show: Not Enough Firsts to Go Around -- Truthout

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