Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Assignment: Winter's Winning Ways

Over at Outpost Mavarin, Karen has posted a new Weekend Assignment...

Weekend Assignment #198: What is your favorite thing about winter? Whether you love this time of year, hate it or merely endure it, you should be able to find something good to say about the season. What is it?

There are two things I love about winter.

First, the sky is so crystal clear at night that it seems as if you can see the entire universe. (That's assuming that it's not cloudy or rainy, which can be a pretty big assumption here during the winter.) At other times of the year, it can be pretty hazy here in my neck of the woods.

Second, I love snow. I especially love it when you wake up in the morning to find a couple or three inches of untouched, pure white snow on the ground. Everything looks so clean. It's a big change from the same old same old. The only problem is that snow is a fairly rare occurrence here, maybe once or twice a year if we're lucky. But I wouldn't want to live up north where snow is constantly on the ground -- too much of a good thing, you know.

Ice can be pretty neat too if you don't have to drive on it...

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The photos above were taken on Missionary Ridge a couple of winters ago. Sorry about the blurry quality of the last shot; I think I smudged my lens.

Extra credit: What do you hate most about winter?

Oh, don't even get me started. Other than the clear skies and the occasional snowfall, there's nothing I like about winter. I hate, hate, hate cold weather. I would rather it be 100 degrees than 20. And here, the weather is extremely fickle all the way through March. You have to dress in layers and be ready to peel them off and put them back on. It might be 70 degrees for a week in February, then 20 for a week in March. That happened last winter. I'm just too cold-natured to deal with it all. I often comment, especially when it's extremely cold, that I'm someday going to move somewhere where they don't have winters. People think I'm joking, but I'm not. Give me white sand, blue skies, and sun in January and I'll be happy.

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lisa's chaos said...

I love your shots! The little icicles are such a great touch. I LOVE winter with all my heart and only want to move further north, deeper into the snow. :)

Carly said...

Hi :)

I love the photo of the soldier with the ice. It's poignant. Really nice group of photos here!