Friday, January 4, 2008

Favorite Sites: Red State Update

I was watching the PBS show Pioneers of Television the other night. They were talking about The Andy Griffith Show and comparing it to shows that came later like The Beverly Hillbillies. Someone made the comment that Andy Griffith wanted people to laugh with him, not at him. I guess that's why I've always like The Andy Griffith Show more than The Beverly Hillbillies. I've always had a problem with TV shows and movies that portray Southerners as just a bunch of illiterate country bumpkins to be laughed at. Sure we have our share, but some of us can read and write and do occasionally wear shoes.

So I shouldn't like Red State Update. It's just a couple of rednecks from Murfreesboro, Tennessee talking about politics on YouTube. Jackie Broyles and Dunlap (aka, Travis Harmon and Jonathan Shockley) usually sit around a table littered with beer cans and other debris, with the U.S. and Tennessee flags in the background, and talk about whatever pops into their heads (it seems). It's a hilarious act and I know a couple of people just like that. If you got them together and got them started in on politics, it would sound just like this...

This is their latest video, their take on the results of the Iowa caucus.

WARNING: The above video is clean, but they do get carried away with language occasionally.

Last week, the Huckster, who is running low on money compared to Romney and some of the other Repubs, tried to get the news media to run his negative ad for free by trying to turn it into news. He called a press conference to announce that he had a negative ad that he had decided not to run "for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" He then proceeded to show the ad to "prove" that he had one, and even passed out DVD copies to the assembled press. They were laughing at him by the time the dog-and-pony show was over. In another video, the Red State Update boys make fun of this episode, but drop the F-bomb much more than normal in their own negative ads.

Here's more on Red State Update from the Nashville Scene. The cover story talks about their "big break:" a question on the Democratic YouTube debate.

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