Saturday, December 1, 2007

This Week's Music Quiz

This is a random playlist in lyrical form from my music player. See if you can name the song and/or artist.

1. 1992 - One of my favorite bands, this group has a strong cult following and a unique image that overshadows some excellent music. Last verse and chorus...
I think I've reached that point
Where every word that you write
Of every blood dark sea
And every soul black night
And every dream you dream me in
And every perfect free from sin
And burning eyes and hearts on fire
Are just the same old song

Please stop loving me
Please stop loving me
I am none of these things

Please stop loving me
Please stop loving me
I am none of these things
I am none of these things...
2. 1970 - The story is that this band was short of material for their first album so their singer/bassist started playing a ballad he wrote when he was twelve years old. It became a signature song for this supergroup. Third and fourth verses minus the chorus...
He went to fight wars
For his country and his king
Of his honor and his glory
The people would sing

A bullet had found him
His blood ran as he cried
No money could save him
So he laid down and he died
3. 1976 - If you think of '70s album rock, this band should come immediately to mind. This song doesn't really have verses and chorus as such. This is the first part...
It was an April morning when they told us we should go
And as I turned to you, you smiled at me. How could we say no?
Oh, all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had
Oh, the songs to sing when we at last return again

Sending off a glancing kiss to those who claim they know
Below the streets that steam and hiss. The devil's in his hole
Oh, to sail away to sandy lands and other days
Oh, to touch the dream, hides inside and never seen.
4. 1986 - Some songs (like #1 and #3) never mention the title. Other songs, like this one, have the title all through it. This was a big song for this group of "art-school punks." A short part at the beginning before they start repeating the title throughout...
I'm wearing fur pajamas
I ride a hot potato
It's tickling my fancy
Speak up, I can't hear you
5. 2004 - Music from this century -- the band just released their first album in 2002. This is from the second and got a bit of rock radio airplay. First verse and chorus...
I never said I'd lie and wait forever
If I died, we'd be together
I can't always just forget her
But she could try

At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see
You are
Never coming home
Never coming home
Could I? Should I?
And all the things that you never, ever told me
And all the smiles that are ever ever...
6. 1969 - A signature song for a big band. First verse...
I've been run down,
I've been lied to,
And I don't know why
I let that mean woman make me a fool.
She took all my money,
Wrecked my new car.
Now she's with one of my goodtime buddies,
They're drinking in some crosstown bar.
7. 2004 - A newer band. A track from their second album. The clean version of the first verse and chorus...
I live a chemical life
I'm on a mission to try
You went insane for a day
I'll have to shove it away
My only option is gone
Smile as they break and they fall
You want a simpler life
You can't erase what was right

You must be out of your mind
This was a simple design
You mess it up every time
How could you leave me behind

It's alright, it's alright
'cause I know what you want
but you'll just have to wait
If I had it to give
I would give it away
I'm living it up
while I'm falling from grace
There's no way
There's no way that I'm running away
8. 2005 - Another new band. An actor is the frontman for the band. A track from their second and latest album. From the beginning...
A revolution has begun today for me inside
The ultimate defense is to pretend
Revolve around yourself just like an ordinary man
The only other option is to forget

Does it feel like we've never been alive?
Does it seem like it's only just begun?

Defy yourself just to look inside the wreckage of your past
To lose it all you have to do is lie
The policy is set and we are never turning back
It's time for execution; time to execute
Time for execution; time to execute
9. 1999 - A pretty popular band. This is a track from their third album. First verse...
Well, I woke up in mid-afternoon cause that's when it all hurts the most
I dream I never know anyone at the party and I'm always the host
If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts
You can never escape, you can only move south down the coast
Well, I am an idiot walking a tightrope of fortune and fame
I am an acrobat swinging trapezes through circles of flame
If you've never stared off into the distance, then your life is a shame
And though I'll never forget your face, sometimes I can't remember my name
10. 1981 - This band was around for quite a while, but this was their biggest hit. There was even a movie with the same title with this song on the soundtrack album. First verse...
Caroline laughs and it's raining all day
She loves to be one of the girls
She lives in the place in the side of our lives
Where nothing is ever put straight
She turns herself round and she smiles and she says
"This is it. That's the end of the joke"
And loses herself in her dreaming and sleep
And her lovers walk through in their coats

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