Saturday, September 22, 2007

Music Quiz

Back in the day, I would occasionally do a Random 10 entry. Start up the old music player, randomize the playlist, and list the results. Quite a boring entry. I've decided to spice things up a bit by making a Name that Tune-type quiz out of the results. The rules are simple: These are snippets of lyrics from the Random 10 from my playlist. Name the song and/or artist. There are no prizes, except the personal satisfaction of knowing that you're smarter than the average bear. Most of these songs will be rock music, most will lean toward the alternative side of things, but other genres might occasionally be represented. Lyrics might sometimes contain naughty words. Leave answers in comments. And away we go...

1. Sort of obscure. Here's a big chunk of lyrics from the middle of the song...
I want to be a Lawyer, I want to be a scholar,
But I really can't be bothered with just anything...
Gimme it quick, gimme it, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.
Some say that knowledge is ho ho ho
Some say that knowledge is ho ho ho
Some say that heaven is hell, some say that hell is heaven,
I must admit, just when I think I'm king (I just begin)
Just when I think I'm king, I must admit (I just begin)
Just when I think everything's going great (I just begin)
I get the break
Hey I'm gonna take it all, (I just begin,)
When I'm king (just begin.)
2. An easy one. First verse...
(Come over here)
All you've got is this moment
The 21st century's yesterday
You can care all you want
Everybody does, yeah, that's okay

So slide over here
And give me a moment
Your moves are so raw
I've got to let you know
I've got to let you know
You're one of my kind
3. Another pretty easy one. Part of verse one...
(It starts with one)
One thing I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind -- I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time
(All I know)
Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
(It's so unreal)
4. A newer song. First verse and part of the chorus...
Looking back at me I see
That I never really got it right
I never stopped to think of you
I'm always wrapped up in
Things I cannot win
You are the antidote that gets me by
Something strong
Like a drug that gets me high

What I really meant to say
Is I'm sorry for the way I am
5. Another song from this century. A good chunk of lyrics from the middle of the song...
I think about your face
And how I fall into your eyes
The outline that I trace
Around the one that I call mine
Time that called for space
Unclear where you drew the line
I don't need to solve this case
And I don't need to look behind

Close my eyes
Let the whole thing pass me by
There is no time
To waste, asking why

(I'll run away with you) by my side (by my side)
(I'll run away with you) by my side
I need to let go, let go, let go, let go of this pride, yeah
6. No way to give lyrics that don't include the title of the song...
you'd better love me.
In time,
you'll run away,
from all your yesterdays!

Speak the truth, or make your peace some other way.
I never knew, but I believe that your trust in me,
Oh, will speak to me.
7. Second verse and chorus...
I'm frightened by what I see
But somehow I know that there's much more to come
Immobilized by my fear
And soon to be blinded by tears
I can stop the pain if I will it all away
If I will it all away.

Don't turn away
(Don't give in to the pain)
Don't try to hide
(Though they're screaming your name)
Don't close your eyes
(God knows what lies behind them)
Don't turn out the light
(Never sleep, never die)
8. A golden oldie to me, but very, very obscure...
Move - move - I’ve got the gift of life
Can’t you see it in the twinkle of my eye
I can’t stand up and I can’t sit down
I gotta keep movin’ - I gotta keep movin’
All the time that gets wasted hating
Why don’t you move together and make your heart feel better

Groove - groove - to the beat of this drum
Feel it in the wind and the warmth of the sun
Don’t sit down and don’t stand up
Keep on movin’ - keep on movin’
9. Very, very easy...
Your inside is out and your outside is in
Your outside is in and your inside is out
So come on (Ho) come on (Ho)
Come on is such a joy
Come on is such a joy
Come on let's make it easy
Come on let's make it easy
Make it easy (Hoo) make it easy (Hoo)
10. Another song that's a golden oldie to me, but actually very, very obscure...
All my books lay on the table
Waiting to unfold
I sit and stare at my reflection
While the darkness chills my bones
My head fills like a junk shop
In desperate need of repair
The path of least resistance leads to the
Garbage heap of despair...
I think I'd better get back in bed

I'm just a symptom of the moral decay
That's gnawing at the heart of the country
I'm just a symptom of the moral decay
That's gnawing at the heart of the country
Answers next weekend...


Carly said...

What a fun idea. I will have to think these over, some sounded familiar, some I can't seem to place. I will come back later in the week and leave you my answers. :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I despaired of recognizing a single one until you quoted the Beatles. My knowledge of music doesn't go much outside the 1955-1985 date range.

fdtate said...

Karen, there's one or two in that range in this week's quiz.