Monday, September 17, 2007

Idiot of the Month: Tn. State Rep. Rob Briley

Like the Photo of the Day which might not be daily, this might not actually be something I do every month. I guess it depends on how often the idiots rear their heads. Some months I might have to do a poll listing three or four and take votes on who gets the prize. I hate that I have to give the inaugural award to a Democrat.

Let's hear it for Tennessee State Representative Rob Briley (D-Nashville) who led police on a 100-mph chase before eventually being arrested for DUI, evading arrest, vandalism (he kicked out a window of the police cruiser) and several lesser offenses. The punchline? Until Saturday, he was the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and was also on a study committee to recommend changes in the state's DUI laws. He remains a state representative but has stepped down from the committees. Lawmakers are said to be "mixed" on his legislative future.

Of course, someone has posted the dashboard camera video of his arrest on YouTube...

Like most of us, he handled things really well until they snapped the handcuffs on. If you didn't get enough on Part 1, there's also a Part 2 of the video.

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Carly said...

It's so sad when the representatives we put our trust in, fall this hard. This guy needs some help, and it just goes to show you, poor decision making, and misuse of office isn't exclusive to one party or another.